Scientists confirm Uranus smells like farts

Uranus smells like farts, a new study confirmed.Image: Getty Images By Morgan Sung2018-04-23 22:32:21 UTC It’s official: Uranus smells like farts.  This is a real conclusion that real scientists came to. The planet, often the butt of jokes, has an atmosphere that smells like rotting eggs because its clouds are composed of hydrogen sulfide.  A study published on Monday in Nature Astronomy suggests the presence of the stinky gas in

Target plans to build hundreds of EV chargers at stores across 20 states

Charge your electric vehicle while you shop.Image: target By Sasha Lekach2018-04-23 21:45:55 UTC Target wants to make your next shopping trip worth the drive, so it’s adding hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles to its parking lots across the country. The big-box retailer announced Monday an expanded EV charging program, offering Tesla, ChargePoint, and Electrify America charging stations for battery-powered cars that may need some extra juice while on

Scientific study on Trump voters confirms what people of color have been saying all along

You might not be surprised by how Donald Trump won some people’s vote.Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images By Rebecca Ruiz2018-04-23 21:41:20 UTC The Trump voter is often portrayed in media and pop culture as a working-class white person, down on their luck and desperate for change. These voters were — and remain — willing to look past Trump’s erratic and unorthodox behavior and “politically incorrect” commentary if his presidency brings better

Happy 13th birthday to the very first YouTube video

By Martha Tesema2018-04-23 21:36:43 UTC The first video uploaded to YouTube is finally a teen. Thirteen years ago on Monday — on April 23, 2005 — YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded this 18 second clip to the site just a few months after the domain was secured, and nothing’s been the same since.  By the YouTube standards of today, it’s a pretty dull video, but it does embody much of internet

Net neutrality is officially dead. Here's what that means.

Image: VICKY LETA / MASHABLE By MJ Franklin2018-04-23 16:18:13 -0500 Everyone take a moment of silence please — the free and open internet is now officially dead. In December 2017 the FCC, under chairman Ajit Pai, voted to repeal net neutrality, signaling the end of the open internet as we know it. The decision was controversial at the time, with everyone from Alyssa Milano to Reddit calling out the FCC in

Aircraft startup Wright Electric wants to use electric planes for flights in the Middle East

Electric flights could power private jets in the Middle East and North Africa region.Image: wright electric/jetex By Sasha Lekach2018-04-16 22:31:13 UTC Electric aircraft startup Wright Electric aims to carry passengers on battery-powered flights within the next 20 years. Now, business travelers in the Middle East may soon be able to partake in the company’s aggressive flight plans. Flight support company Jetex recently announced a new partnership with Los Angeles-based Wright

Someone found the 18th-century version of the distracted boyfriend meme

By Morgan Sung2018-04-16 22:16:08 UTC The distracted boyfriend meme — that image in which a man checks out one woman while holding hands with another — gained popularity last summer, used to explain moral dilemmas like choosing between dealing with responsibilities or taking a nap. (The answer is always take a nap.) The original image is just one piece of a multi-part stock photo series about love, infidelity, and the

21 books you need to read this spring

These 21 books are must-reads this spring.Image: Mashable Composite, Little Brown and Company/ Ecco/ Grove Press/ Riverhead/ Simon & SchusTer By MJ Franklin2018-04-16 14:10:35 -0700 Spring is here and that can only mean one thing: time to shake yourself out of hibernation and bust out that spring reading. But with so many great books coming out in 2018, it can be hard to figure out just which ones you should

5 questions Mark Zuckerberg should answer at Facebook’s congressional hearings

Clearly, deep in thought.Image: Alex Wong/Getty By Jack Morse2018-04-10 00:14:34 UTC Mark Zuckerberg is going to testify, but the question remains as to whether or not he’ll really say anything of substance. The CEO is in Washington D.C. this week to assure lawmakers and the concerned citizens of Facebook Nation that he knows he needs to do better, that he is going to make it all OK, and that —