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Stabilized GoPro footage from a roller coaster looks like an alternate reality

By Chloe Bryan2018-07-02 22:05:07 UTC [embedded content] During a recent trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, YouTuber and skydiver Jeb Corliss took GoPro Fusion video of himself riding Goliath, a large and very fun-looking roller coaster that apparently reaches speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. (I have not ridden this roller coaster. I am jealous.) After the ride, Corliss stitched his footage together and stabilized it.

That creepy Olive Garden commercial script is just as weird on screen

By Morgan Sung2018-06-18 23:16:30 UTC [embedded content] Last week, a hilariously creepy script made the rounds online.  Writer and comedian Keaton Patti tweeted that he forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of Olive Garden commercials, and then asked it to write its own version. The script he posted had some funny gems like describing pasta nachos as “warm and defeated” and a character revealing her mouthful of “secret

Guy barely saves drone from watery grave, and it's truly impressive

By Brian Koerber2018-06-04 22:54:05 UTC [embedded content] When a drone’s battery dies mid-flight, most models will slowly descend to safety instead of crashing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help if the drone is above a body of water when the battery goes.  YouTuber DaveSvorking experienced this very scenario recently. But instead of witnessing his precious flying machine die a watery death, he jumped right into the lake — shoes and all.

Queen Latifah delivers new Girl Scouts PSA highlighting history-making alum

By Nicole Gallucci2018-05-15 00:46:11 UTC [embedded content] Queen Latifah believes in the power of the Girl Scouts communities, and she’s here to deliver a PSA to girls around the world. The actress, musician, and Girl Scout alum narrated the organization’s empowering “Lifetime of Leadership” video, shining a spotlight on well-known scouts who’ve gone on to become activists and make history in technology, politics, science, entertainment, sports, and many other fields.

Man builds a singing Furby organ, and the results are horrifying

By Brian Koerber2018-02-12 23:00:17 UTC [embedded content] Remember Furbys, the must-have creepy, robotic toy of the 1998 holiday season? Well, they never went away, they were just resting, and now they’re ready for their revival. YouTuber Sam Battle of LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER finally found a use for all of those abandoned Furbys by building his very own Furby organ. Yes, he turned 44 Furbys into a musical instrument. After

It's so damn cold someone went ice skating at the beach

By Brian Koerber2018-01-09 00:22:58 UTC [embedded content] Temperatures dipped so low in Maine this weekend that a man was spotted ice skating — at the beach. Peter and Sandra Lekousi were out for a chilly stroll on Long Sands Beach in York on Sunday when they spotted the odd scene, according to the Boston Globe. The ocean water had froze in such a way that it left a relatively flat

Watch 100 people admit to the random stuff they stole

By Brian Koerber2017-12-05 00:02:49 UTC [embedded content] We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, but would you admit those things on camera for some sweet, sweet viral content? King of all things 100, Cut Video managed to get 100 people to admit to stealing various things in their past on camera, without much convincing at all. Items ranged from pens from the office to cars and weed. Let’s hope

Massive hairy spider traps woman inside her car for 20 minutes

By Brian Koerber2017-11-20 23:34:35 UTC [embedded content] GET OUT OF THE CAR. A woman in  — you guessed it — Australia was held hostage in her car for about 20 minutes by a hair spider. Bianca Merrick of Coffs Harbour, Australia, was driving home from work on Friday when she spotted a large spider hanging out on her visor. She decided the best choice was to keep driving for fear

Toddler tries to get rid of her shadow and fails miserably

By Brian Koerber2017-05-09 00:58:16 UTC [embedded content] Describe the concept of a shadow to a toddler. It isn’t so easy.  After repeatedly yelling “get off” at her shadow, this little girl took a more  hands-on approach, and attempted to stomp on it and slap it away. Unfortunately, that didn’t work at all.  Go to Source Author:Brian Koerber Powered by WPeMatico