'13 Reasons Why' creator on Season 2's controversial school shooting plot

’13 Reasons Why’ creator Brian Yorkey addressed Season 2’s controversial school shooting plotImage: David Moir/Netflix By Jess Joho2018-05-22 00:48:57 UTC Note: This post contains spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 of 13 Reasons Why. Controversies over heavy subject matter isn’t new for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.  Season 1 was criticized for its graphic handling of teen suicide, and now many are questioning Season 2’s ill-timed and controversial plot around gun

'Westworld' should really just be the Maeve show

Yeah keep the camera riiiiiiiight…there. Yeah, just on her. Perfect.Image: John P. Johnson/HBO By Alexis Nedd2018-05-21 21:53:38 UTC Westworld Season 1 was a phenomenon that thrived on a method of storytelling best described as burlesque: show ‘em a little bit, but always keep ‘em wanting more.  It took the entire season’s run to reveal important information that deeply impacted the way the characters had been interacting all along — Bernard

9 podcasts to listen to if you love 'Black Mirror'

Disclosure Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Listen in on another world with these captivating sci-fi podcasts.Image: Vicky leta/Mashable By Brittany Levine Beckman2018-05-14 22:57:45 UTC We are in an audio-drama renaissance, and some of the best stories are science-fiction.  We’re not being spooked by War of the Worlds as we gather

'13 Reasons Why' announces Season 2 premiere date with a new trailer

By Jess Joho2018-04-30 23:56:51 UTC [embedded content] 13 Reasons Why is back and, by the looks of the latest trailer, you better be prepared for even more teenage hardships. The trailer juxtaposes all of the characters lives both before and after the suicide that connects them all. It’s an interesting stylistic choice, and perhaps indicative of the shifts we’ve heard about in terms of the popular but controversial Netflix show’s

Creator behind new CBS show apologizes for ripping off 'Bones'

Really bro?Image: fox By Jess Joho2018-04-03 00:14:25 UTC They say imitation is the highest form of flattery — unless you’re talking about straight up ripping off someone else’s show. Michael Rauch, showrunner behind the new CBS crime procedural, addressed accusations of plagiarizing from the well-loved and recently canceled Fox crime show, Bones. You see, when Episode 3 of Instinct (not to be confused with the 1999 Anthony Hopkins crime thriller

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter speaks out about her #MeToo stories

Lynda Carter continues to be an enduring source of female empowerment.Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage By Jess Joho2018-03-13 00:16:01 UTC It isn’t surprising that Lynda Carter says she was sexually abused while playing Wonder Woman in the iconic ’70s TV show. But it does perfectly capture the sickening hypocrisy of Hollywood, which has played lip service to women’s empowerment for decades — all while systematically exploiting and ensuring their oppression. In a

Disney celebrates 'Black Panther's success by donating $1 million to kids in STEM

Shuri IS THE FUTUREImage: marvel studios By Jess Joho2018-02-27 01:12:48 UTC Yes, Black Panther’s Wakanda isn’t real — technically. But life continues to mimic art, as the film inspires more real-world activism tackling the film’s underlying themes of black empowerment.  To celebrate the Marvel movie’s unprecedented, record-breaking box office success, Disney is donating $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. According to a press release, the organization

Nintendo refuses to answer questions about Mario's sex life

Mario, exposedImage: nintendo By Jess Joho2018-02-06 00:53:14 UTC All Nintendo ever wanted to do was make fun, wholesome experiences for players of all ages. Instead, fans keep demanding more and more intimate details about Mario’s body and sex habits.  And it seems like Nintendo just wishes it would stop. A Super Mario Odyssey dev talk video posted Monday with producer Yoshiaki Koizumi shows the poor man uncomfortably dodging explicit questions

All the details you missed in the 'Westworld' Season 2 Super Bowl trailer

Image: hbo By Jess Joho2018-02-05 22:39:11 UTC Amidst the glitz, the glam, the sporting, the ads, the Solos, and the Timberlake, one spectacle stood out more than any other at the Super Bowl: Westworld’s Season 2 trailer. Playing out to a classical rendition of Kanye West’s ‘Runaway,’ the 2-minute trailer presented a dearth of motifs and hidden messages that can help us predict what’s to become of a Westworld ruled

Nicole Kidman eats live bugs, deserves at least four more Oscars

Probably still better than Arby’s.Image: vanity fair By Jess Joho2018-01-30 00:11:44 UTC Step aside Big Little Lies, because the bravest performance of Nicole Kidman’s illustrious career is actually her just straight up eating a four-course meal of bugs. In the latest video for Vanity Fair‘s ‘Secret Talent Theatre’ series, the esteemed Oscar-winning actresses digs into each critter-crawling dish — all while sporting a chic floral dress complete with an ascot.