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Embattled former Thinx CEO gets book deal months after settling sexual harassment complaint

Former Thinx CEO Miki AgrawalImage: Getty Images for Advertising Week New York By Margaret Sullivan2017-07-18 00:25:26 UTC Former Thinx CEO and founder Mika Agrawal has just secured a new book deal, not long after she settled a sexual harassment complaint in May. This second book for Agrawal (her first came out in 2013) will be entitled Disrupt-Her and will focus on how women in the workplace can “remove filters that

How was Harry Styles' 'Dunkirk' performance? Critics are going in one direction

Christopher Nolan and international movie star Harry Styles.Image: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images By Angie Han2017-07-17 23:47:49 UTC For a not-insignificant proportion of the moviegoing population, the most pressing question about Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk isn’t “Is it good?” but “How is Harry Styles in it?” The former One Direction member makes his acting debut in the World War II epic, playing one of the young soldiers on the ground. It goes

'Game of Thrones' and 'Hamilton' fans will fall in love with this glorious mashup

[embedded content] Game of Thrones fans are passionate. Hamilton fans are passionate. Both of these shows are critically-acclaimed and both of these shows are imbedded in our modern zeitgeist. So, it only makes sense to combine the popularity of these entertainment phenomenons into one. This music video mashup is based on the song “Alexander Hamilton” from the musical with the same name, except it focuses on the plot lines of

A strange red star appears to be acting out, and astronomers are keeping a close eye on it

Arecibo Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.Image: Danica Coto/AP/REX/Shutterstock By Miriam Kramer2017-07-17 23:24:31 UTC A star about 11 light-years from Earth might be a weirdo. Scientists using the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico took a look at the relatively small red star — named Ross 128 — in May, but last week, researchers noticed something kind of odd in the 10 minutes of data.  The signal picked up by the observatory

The best Prime Day TV deals

By Bari BlitzerMashable Shopping2017-07-11 01:00:43 UTC [embedded content] The next 30 hours is the time to shop. Amazon Prime Day has begun, and that means big deals on TVs. They’re guaranteed to sell fast, though, so get an Amazon Prime membership (30 day free trial!) ASAP to grab these deals and more before they’re gone. Here are Prime Day 2017’s TV steals: Image: Element Electronics This smart TV is going

Great danes relaxing in the pool will make you feel chill

By Andrea McNeil2017-07-11 00:28:58 UTC These great danes are having the best summer ever and we clearly need to follow their lead.  Max and Katie seem perfectly at home in the water; Katie especially, with her floatie and sippy cup at paw. It’s pretty relaxing to sit back and watch the  regal pooches living the life of luxury. Go to Source Author:Andrea McNeil Powered by WPeMatico

Man hilariously discovers the Harry Potter book he's reading is actually adult fan fiction

By Brian Koerber2017-07-11 00:23:59 UTC The Harry Potter series is basically mandatory reading for kids growing up. But don’t worry — if you missed your chance to read the books as a kid, it’s never too late to start. Just, uh, make sure you buy the real thing. Shelley Zhang recently had to have a tough conversation with her friend, Chris Chappell, who had a bit of a mishap while

Google is promoting torrent sites in search results

Image: Brittany Herbert/Mashable By Karissa Bell2017-07-11 00:07:02 UTC Looking for a good torrent site? You can now get help from an unexpected source: Google. The search engine is now prominently displaying several torrent sites at the top of search results, despite its longstanding cooperation with the entertainment industry to demote links to copyright-infringing content. A carousel with more than a dozen torrent sites, including the Pirate Bay and Torrent Project,

Donald Trump spent 1/5 of his presidency playing golf, according to least surprising report ever

If there’s anything Donald Trump likes doing more watching cable news, it’s hitting the links.  Trump has spent 35 days at golf clubs since he became president, according to NBC News.  SEE ALSO: Trump driving his golf cart all over the green really just says it all That’s a whopping 21 percent of the time he’s been in office, Vox calculated.  Now, it’s not totally clear how many of those