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Barack Obama and Joe Biden got lunch together, because some bromances never die

By Brian Koerber2018-07-30 23:48:22 UTC Sometimes good things really do last. Former president Barack Obama and vice president Joe Biden grabbed a quick and casual bite for lunch in Georgetown on Monday — and the libs were in love with the idea that the two still chill. Honestly, most people in D.C. were just looking for any form of distraction. According to the Washington Post, the two decided to have lunch

WhatsApp has finally encrypted group video calling for everyone

Group video calling via WhatsApp is what’s up.Image: whatsapp By Karissa Bell2018-07-30 23:35:50 UTC WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that brings its features up to par with other major messaging apps: group video calls. The app is now starting to add group video calling to its iOS and Android app, the company announced Monday. WhatsApp has supported video calling since 2016, but calls were, until now, limited to

Someone created a 250-pound gummy pizza for some unknowable reason

By Amanda Luz Henning Santiago2018-07-30 22:44:20 UTC [embedded content] Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bite into a gummy pizza with a 6-foot diameter? No? Me neither, but hey, here we are. Vat19 created was it calls the world’s largest pizza, along with its own handcrafted box. Derek “The Gummy Bear Guy” and Jamie spend the first three minutes of the video constructing the mold for

U.S. states sue Trump administration over lift of 3-D printable guns ban

States are suing the Trump administration in hopes of halting the release of 3-D printable gun blueprints, like the one used to print this Liberator pistol.Image: Robert MacPherson/AFP/Getty Images By Matt Binder2018-07-30 22:24:18 UTC Just days before the blueprints for 3-D printable guns get released to the public, several U.S. states have jointly filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration in a bid to stop the release. Washington State, Oregon,

'Vomit fraud' is here to make your Uber ride even worse

Well this is not good.Image: Boogich/getty By Jack Morse2018-07-24 00:37:33 UTC It looks like Uber rides just got a lot more expensive.  A new ride-hail scam is hitting the news and, if you’re not careful, it’ll hit your wallet, too. It’s called “vomit fraud,” and it’s as awful as it sounds. According to the Miami Herald, which spoke with several passengers about the particularly soggy shakedown in question, it works

Google's record-breaking fine isn't hurting the company very much

Google is facing a massive fine but its business is doing just fine.Image: Getty Images/justin sullivan By Karissa Bell2018-07-23 23:39:59 UTC For a company that was just hit with staggering $5 billion fine, Google and parent company Alphabet are as unbothered as ever.  Alphabet reported its second quarter earnings Monday, just days after the European Commission announced a record-setting $5 billion fine against Google for Android antitrust violations. Though the

Ride-hailing app drivers can livestream your ride — and it's often legal

Dash cam videos from Uber and Lyft rides make it online constantly, like this one showing Uber rides in Australia. By Sasha Lekach2018-07-23 21:58:25 UTC It’d be one thing for your Uber or Lyft driver to record your trips in their car — but it’s another thing entirely when your driver posts that footage online. If you don’t think that’s happening, you probably haven’t heard the recent story of Jason

Firefox finally gets an option to mute sites with autoplay sound

Be gone annoying autoplaying videos with sound!Image: MOZILLA By Matt Binder2018-07-23 21:48:28 UTC Autoplay videos are about to get a lot less annoying if you use Firefox. In the newest version of the experimental Firefox Nightly Edition (version 63.0a1), the popular web browser now gives users control over whether a site is allowed to autoplay videos when it loads. Mozilla announced this feature in a product roadmap earlier this year.

Google Translate is generating ominous religious prophecies for some reason

A frightening glitch dubbed TranslateGate on Reddit has yielded an unsettling amount of sinister messages.Image: mohinimurti/shutterstock By Diamond Naga Siu2018-07-23 21:44:55 UTC Google Translate is, er, having some issues. For instance, if you open the tool, select Maori as the language you want Google to translate from, and type “dog” 16 times in the box for translation, this message will pop up: “Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve We

For Prime Day, this wet and dry electric shaver from Philips Norelco is on sale for less than $80

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Check out how much you can *shave* with this deal.Image: Philips Norelco By Rudie ObiasMashable Deals2018-07-17 00:35:00 UTC With a deal this good, even the most bearded of men would consider a clean shave. Amazon has the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 on sale for only $79.95 for Prime Day. This is the